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Tu Aashiqui 20th October 2017 Written Episode Update

Tu Aashiqui 20th October 2017  Written Update on TuAashiqui.Com

The Episode starts with Pankti recalling Ahaan. Purva says he loves you. Pankti says you stop thinking on behalf of mecurrentlyyou simply assume for your life, career and love. Purva says why can we got to look after US, our mum is there to assume for US and judge. They get unhappy. Anita meets Jasmin. Jasmin says minister needs to satisfyPurva. Anita asks is he returning to satisfy Purva, he didn’t see Purva. Jasmin says Purva’s fate can modificationperhaps she gets married, you can’t understand wherever she’s going to reach, she’s going to be one amongst the richest. Anita says she’s going to be made. Jasmin says affirmativesimply prepare Purva. Anita says she is prepared, what’s there to arrange her. Jasmin provides her five lakhs advance. Anita gets stunned. Jasmin says the person gave Pine Tree State advance as shagun, its alittle gift, deal needs to be created. Anita says five lakhs whenhe saw pic, once he sees Purva, it’ll be massive deal. Purva says Anita would be dealing US, what’s the necessity to dream, i feel your dream can get consummated. Pankti says it won’t. Purva goes. Pankti remembersAhaan and sees the cardboard. She sings Tu aashiqui…. Ahaan too sings Tu Aashiqui….
He thinks of Pankti. She thinks of their moments and stands at the window. He gets an inspiration and checks for her on-line profile. He gets Anita’s details. Aparna comes there. She asks him to not keep stringed instrument down. She provides him honey tea. He asks does one understand her. Aparna says affirmative, she is Anita, she was a foulhistrion. Anita gets hit by a automobile. Aparna says she failing. Ahaan says I even have seen her, many folks don’t handle success. She asks why does one need to understand regarding her. Ahaan says she is Pankti’s mum, I wished to understand her case history, this affects Pankti too, don’t understand what’s the matter. Richa’s fatherhelps Anita. He sees her and says you’re Anita Sharma, my fav histrion. Richa and her mum look on.

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He says I m your massive fan, I saw your movies 10 times. Anita thanks him. He takes a selfie with Anita. Richa says she is Pankti’s mum, Pankti song that day, don’t take Pankti’s name. Aparna asks Ahaan to satisfy Pankti, he won’t notice her sorrows on web. He says I m such a fool, I even have to satisfy her, i will be able to decision JD, he canunderstand Anita. Aparna says affirmative, he has such data.

He calls JD and says its not accessible. She says leave this and meet Pankti. He says affirmativei will be able todetermine, is drawback in Pankti or her mum. Richa’s oldsters invite Anita in wedding and diwali party. Pankti appearance on. Anita agrees to return. Richa’s father gets glad. Anita gets prepared. Pankti makes rangoli. Anita says its as a result of my fame, not Pankti. She asks Pankti to induce prepared, JD doesn’t return here on diwali, he becomes hubbywe’ll conjointly celebrate these days. Pankti says i will be able to keep diya and are available. She places diya. JD comes and spoils the rangoli. She gets dismayed. He asks did you are feeling unhealthy. Anita sees him and says you….He asks what’s the matter. Anita says we have a tendency to were celebrating diwali. Purva comes and sees him. JD asks wherever ar they going.

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